A COMPLETE, Empty Nest.

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St. Paul, MN

Bio: First about me: If left to myself I would sleep until 9-10 am every day. In my next life I will live on a farm and be content to raise children and animals. (My 2nd choice for a future life: I'd be a trouble-maker nun in a community of mischievous women.) One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was when my son told me, "Never pass by a kool-aid stand." I love middle school sarcasm, photo bombs, a great 'good overcomes evil' story, and happy surprises of all kinds. Now about my profession of choice: I get to spend my days working as a behavior intervention specialist with the funniest and most intense age group there is: middle schoolers! No two days are alike as I try to help some kids review what it means to be a good school citizen, and try to teach others the same thing for perhaps the first time. Some moments are challenging, some hilarious. Each student is a special contributor to the place they spend their days: school!

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