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Learning To Let Go

My friend Heather, a new mommy, posted this recently. It struck a certain chord with me as it probably would with many mothers.

Parenting Ponderings

I admit it. I have a problem. I am a control freak. I have been since about junior year of college. I’m not sure what happened that year that caused me to go from average regular lady to hyper productive control freak, but it happened. Mostly, it serves me well. It has taken me far in my career and ensures that vacations are well planned and organized. However, it is biting me in the ass big time right now.

Right now it is causing me to refuse help when I need it. To not take advice that is well meaning (and likely good). To hover. To hold my arms out halfway from my body to be at the ready for any bad thing that might happen to Henry if he isn’t in my arms. To watch others holding Henry like a hawk. Even Allen. To drive everyone around me nuts.

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